Mar 10, 2021

5 min read

How To Farm TOOLS On LaunchZone PoolX(1000%+ APY)

TOOLS has officially been selected for LaunchZone PoolX. Through the LaunchZone PoolX, you can earn TOOLS rewards for providing liquidity in the TOOLS — BSCX & TOOLS — BUSD pool.

At the time we write tutorial, the APY for TOOLS-BSCX is 11,574.25% and for TOOLS-BUSD is 16,661.82%.

TOOLS liquidity mining is going to start at 11:30 GMT+8, March 10th on LaunchZone PoolX:

About LaunchZone PoolX

LaunchZone PoolX is the on-chain version of Binance exchange’s Launchpool. LaunchZone PoolX lets you use your tokens and the liquidity provider (LP) token of the BSCX-BUSD pair to farm (earn) new tokens, for free. The number of tokens you earn daily is proportional to the number of tokens you have subscribed to the pool vs the total number of tokens subscribed to the pool. The tokens you earn are distributed to you in real-time. You get to accumulate a brand-new coin, for free.

Step 1: Connect Your Metamask Wallet to Binance Smart Chain

If this is your first time using Binance Smart Chain, then remember to connect your Metamask Wallet to Binance Smart Chain.

We want to access the Settings to point the wallet towards Binance Smart Chain nodes.

Select Settings from the dropdown menu.

On the Settings page, we want to locate the Networks menu.

The Networks menu.

We want to click Add Network in the top-right corner to manually add the Binance Smart Chain one — it doesn’t come packaged with MetaMask. It’s important to note that there are two networks we can use here: the testnet or the mainnet. Below are the parameters to fill in for each.

Mainnet (This is the one you are probably looking for)

Once you Save the Network and return to the main view, you’ll notice two things: the network has automatically been set to the one you just entered, and the units are no longer denominated in ETH, but in BNB.

Step 2: Sending BNB To Your Metamask Wallet

In this tutorial, we will send BNB from Binance to Metamask wallet.

First, go to your Wallet on Binance, find BNB, and select Withdraw.

The idea here is to send BNB from your Binance’s wallet to your Metamask wallet.

You can easily see your Binance Smart Chain address by clicking on the Metamask extension on Chrome. Click on your Binance Smart Chain address to “Copy to clipboard”. Make sure you are on Binance Smart Chain.

Then on your Withdraw window:

  • Paste your Metamask address to “Recipient’s BNB Address
  • Select “Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Fill in the amount of BNB you would like to transfer to your Metamask address
  • Then click on “Submit

After submitting the request, there will be a small fee deducted from your BNB balance and you would be able to see your BNB in your Metamask shortly.

Step 3: Farm TOOLS on LaunchZone PoolX

You will be able to provide liquidity for the TOOLS-BSCX and TOOLS-BUSD pairs to farm (earn) new TOOLS tokens. The reward ratio is:

  • TOOLS-BSCX: 30%
  • TOOLS-BUSD: 70%

In this tutorial, we will deposit TOOLS-BUSD LP to earn TOOLS.

First of all, you need to have TOOLS and BUSD in your Metamask wallet. You can achieve that by swapping your initial BNB with TOOLS and BUSD.

Head over to

1. Select BNB and fill in the amount of BNB you would like to swap

2. Select BUSD or TOOLS. The number of BUSD or TOOLS you will get for the amount of BNB you entered will be auto-filled by SwapX.

3. Select “Swap” and confirm your purchase.

Go to and click on TOOLS-BUSD pair.

Click on “Add Liquidity on BSCEX”.

You can add liquidity by:

  • Select TOOLS & BUSD and fill in the number of tokens you would like to add
  • Click on “Supply” and approve on your Metamask wallet

Comeback to

Click on the pair you would like to provide liquidity for.

If you haven’t unlocked your wallet, select “Unlock Wallet To Continue”.

Then click on “Connect” to unlock your Metamask wallet.

Once your Metamask wallet is unlocked, select “Approve TOOLS-BUSD LP”.

You will need to pay a small transaction fee to confirm the request.

Once your request is approved, click on “Stake”. You will be asked to deposit TOOLS-BUSD LP tokens.

Fill in the amount of token you would want to deposit and click on “Confirm

You will be asked to confirm your request on your Binance Smart Chain wallet.

Your deposit will be done in a few seconds.

You can start to get your TOOLS right after that by clicking on the “Harvest” button.

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